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Leadership Speaker and Author

Eliminate Territorial Thinking

Mark inspires and equips leaders to eliminate territorial thinking and bring people together to thrive through disruption.

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“The content was spot-on and the engagement activities were excellent. It will be a hard act to follow for our next speaker.”

-Amy Scully, Institute of Management Accountants

What could your teams accomplish together?

Mark is originally from Wisconsin, where he grew to love cheese, the Packers, and teamwork. Over the span of his career as a Software Business Owner, Consultant, Speaker, IT Manager, and Project Manager, he has worked with hundreds of organizations to improve the results of teams. After experiencing the continued frustration of misaligned organizations, silos, disconnected teams, and politics, he wrote a book on eliminating territorial thinking.

In his powerful keynote, Mark shares his passion for the power of eliminating territorial thinking and aligning teams together to tackle your audience’s greatest challenges – whether survival, sales, results, change, diversity, or productivity. Through a mix of stories, engagement, data, and practical tips – along with lessons from his life experiences in basketball and airplanes –  he challenges your audience with the roadmap to move their organization’s beyond territorial thinking. Because the future is only different when we embrace it together.

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“In his timely, masterfully written book, The Hippo Solution, Mark Kenny explains how those territorial and stubborn Hippos got in the way. Kenny details the formula to build a highly functioning team and organization. This book is now a vital addition to my consultant’s tool kit.”

Sara L. Potecha, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, and Consultant

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“An unparalleled experience for my team to break down barriers”

“The most interactive virtual session I have attended”


“Exceeded our expectations”

“I learned so much”

“Very interactive”

“It challenged us…and we learned something about ourselves”

“The activities were very fun and thought provoking”

“It was very hands on and engaging”

“Eye opening”

“I love Mark. He was engaging, fun and real.”

“Mark has a really “Real” way of going about the day to day within business. He turns it on it’s head simply by going back to the basics and reminding us of what is important and where our time, energy and efforts need to lie.”

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“I was thrilled with the results. This opened up a new dialogue at the hospital for how we need to lead differently.”

-Scott Buchanan, Williamson Medical Center

5 Step Process

Mark leverages a five step process to maximize impact before, during, and after the presentation.



Discussions and interviews to understand the current circumstances and desired outcomes.

Live Event

The actual live event experience (virtual, in-person, or hybrid).



Debrief the presentation; identify participant questions and challenges.


Post Event

Video to respond to and answer questions; “Next Steps” PDF Resource.

Continued Learning

Weekly question, activity, or contest for team members to deepen the learning and implementation of the presentation.

Keynote Summary


How to Eliminate Territorial Thinking and Unleash the Power of Teams

Did you know that hippos are one of the most territorial, hostile animals on the planet? In order to survive in this period of disruption, leaders must transform their organization from hippo-esque territorial thinking to a culture of teamwork that breeds speed, adaptability, enjoyment, and peak performance. How can leaders get past the skepticism, lack of trust in leadership, the crossed arms, the entrenched positions, the individual agendas, the us vs. them thinking? Through a simple formula, developed over ten years with five variables and five transformative actions, Mark will show you how to:


Discover why organizational teamwork efforts usually don’t work.


Apply the five transformative actions to eliminate territorial thinking in your business environment.


Eliminate the gaps between teams and departments.


Provide every team in the organization what it needs to function as one cohesive team.


Move from competing priorities and agendas to create an unstoppable alignment around the same collective purpose.

“I was amazed and highly impressed with the depth and personal application! I had never experienced this!”


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