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If your leadership team is not committed to the same course of action, it might be one of these reasons.

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 You know, I was thinking if you’re having trouble getting your team or members of your team committed
to a course of action, I wrote down a few reasons of why that can be and maybe one of these will resonate. Perhaps it’s because they don’t have clarity on what the course of action is. Perhaps you haven’t asked them to commit. Perhaps they feel like they haven’t been heard. In other words, you haven’t gotten all the ideas from everybody out on the table, because it’s easier for me as a team member to commit if that’s been done. Or perhaps you’re not holding people accountable as a leader to being committed and other people see
that and so they’re not going to be committed or they’re certainly not going to hold each other accountable. Or perhaps they’re being rewarded for a different course of action. They’re not being rewarded so for being committed to the team they’re being rewarded to fulfilling something in their job and obviously they’re going to pursue that. Perhaps it’s one of those reasons I can help you diagnose why isn’t my team committed.

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