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Put into practice this one tip to stop wasting time on pointless interactions in your #leadership #team’s tactical meetings – from Patrick Lencioni’s toolkit, which we use in our practice.

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Do you feel like you’re wasting time on pointless interactions especially in your meetings? And maybe you’re thinking about changing your meeting structure. Well then this is for you. Just a little tip for your weekly or bi-weekly tactical meetings. And by the way, this is coming out of Patrick Lencioni’s framework. Don’t put other stuff in that meeting. If there’s a strategic issue to be resolved and discussed, have a strategic meeting and give it the time due. Your tactical meeting should be focused on your course of action. What’s most important right now? What are the objectives that you have? What do we need to keep track of? And that’s it. Don’t fill it with a bunch of other things which creates pointless interactions and focusing on things that really aren’t that important right now.

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